Are you trying to figure out what to look for in a quality bikini? There so many brands and designers that sometimes overprice their pieces when the quality sometimes is not there. When you are looking for a quality bikini always try to look at these 4 things.

1. Lux Fabric - Fabric should feel soft to the touch. If the fabric is rough or itchy its not good quality material.

Quality Bikini

2. Seamless Seams- The bikini should be double lined with lycra. If its lycra on on side and mesh on the other, the chances are its not a quality bikini.

Baby Blue BikiniReversible Bikini

3. Soft Spaghetti Straps: If it is a string bikini, the straps should be soft and not twisted. 

Red Cheeky Bikini

4. Removable Garment Labels: You should be able to remove the garment label from your bikini. If it has a cheap garment label thats not removable plus its itchy its probably a cheap bikini.


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