Care Instructions

Bikini Care Instructions: 

To keep your Unofficial Swimwear in good condition, please follow our care instructions

  • Wash your suit in cold water as soon as possible after wearing. Only add a small amount a gentle soap or detergent. Please DO NOT use Harsh detergent this can damage the fabric. Gently work the soapy water through the entire suit and make sure to rinse thoroughly in cold water until all soap is gone.

  • Ideally lay your suit flat to dry on a towel or hang to dry.

  • Make sure your suit is completely dry before putting away.

  • NEVER wash your suit in the washing machine, even on the delicate cycle. Machines are far too strong for swimwear fabric and it can cause damage.

  • Sun cream, tanning cream, chlorine can damage your suit so use caution to limit exposure of these products to your suit and always remember to wash after.

  • Be cautious as rough surfaces as this can cause pulling and snagging of the delicate fabric.