Our Story

Who We Are:

Welcome to Unofficial Swim! A vibrant and playful handmade swimwear brand. We love to create high quality and unique pieces to empower women and make them feel beautiful & confident. We partner with local artist to create one of a kind prints that will make you stand out. We are also passionate about building a positive community to support, inspire and motivate each other. 

From the Founder

Hola! Welcome to the beautiful world of Unofficial Swim. Growing up in Puerto Rico, swimwear has always been my second skin. If I could wear a bikini every single day I would.  However, I used to struggled finding pieces that would fit me correctly. So, I decided to create cheeky pieces that made me feel beautiful. To my surprise other women started join my community and would confess to me how sexy and confident they felt with my pieces. This brand was born so I could have creative freedom and bring women together.  

I want to create something that excites you, empowers you and reminds you that we are all beautiful. 

I'm extremely thankful for all of the love and support I have received.

Thank you so much! 

Unofficial Swim Founder