FACT: Cheeky Bottoms make your butt look better

FACT: Cheeky Bottoms make your butt look better

Thinking of buying a cheeky bikini bottom, but you are not 100% convinced? I get it, it's scary. Buying swimwear can be super intimidating, especially when it comes to smaller pieces. You want to look your best at the beach and not have people judge you. But the truth is you can wear a scuba suit and people are still going to have something to say.

When I was younger I was extremely shy about my body, however, once I started wearing smaller bikini bottoms I noticed that my confidence grew or maybe I got older and don't give a F@*$ what people think lol) Don’t get me wrong some days I don’t feel my best, but I always say “If they don’t like what they see, they can just look away”

But between you and me, wearing smaller bottoms can actually make your butt more perky and round. When you have a full coverage bottom your butt tends to look wider. Plus if the bottom style is wide and it sits low on the hip area you will look more square. If you don’t believe me try it at home with your underwear. Try a thong, a hotpant, and a bikini panty. Which one does it make you feel better or sexier? Probably the thong or a high leg panty. 

All of our bikini bottoms are in the cheeky side. Some are full thongs, while others are slightly more covered. But never full coverage.

Anna High Leg Bikini Thong:

The name says it all IT'S A THONG. This thong will make your legs look longer. Haven’t you seen all of those insta influencers wearing their bikinis bottoms really high like in the 90s? They know it makes their legs 10 longer. lol

Pulu Ruched Bikini Bottom:

If this is your first time venturing into the cheeky bikini world, you can start with our ruched bottom. This style is not a full thong back, but it still gives you a cheeky cut, making you achieve a bubble butt lol Some girls like to wear them extremely high so it gives them less coverage, however, you can wear them lower and have a bit more coverage.

Luka String Bikini Bottom:

This is our top selling bottom. Everyone loves a classic string bikini. A lot of my customers skip the ruched bottom and go directly to this style, not sure why lol. But its a best seller for a reason.

At the end of the day, wear what makes you feel happy, but when you are finally ready to take a leap into the cheeky bikini world we are here to help! :) SHOP NOW 


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