The 90s Bucket Hats

The 90s Bucket Hats

It's 2021 and it looks like bucket hats are here to stay! We started seeing bucket hats make a come back in 2018, but somehow in the last two years they have become even cooler. I have to say i'm not mad nor surprised since the 90s fashion style is back. Give me all of the butterflies, overalls and buckets hats, I will take them all.

Kelly Green Bucket Hat


Bucket hats are not only a fashion statement, they are actually pretty practical (specially for long beach days) They are super lightweight, airy and will not damage with salt water. 

Lavender Bucket Hat 

Don't get me wrong I'm a big fan of straw hats, but I always find myself nervous that I will either get them wet or accidentally fold them and damage them. So bucket hats have become one of my most favorite beach accessory. 

Royal Blue Bucket Hat 

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