Why everyone should have a Classic String Bikini in their drawer.

Why everyone should have a Classic String Bikini in their drawer.

We all have purchased that super trendy item that we end up regretting buying a couple of months later. You know what I’m talking about, that piece you only wore once and never wore again. We are all guilty of doing this. I’m currently trying to be more conscious about my purchases, by buying styles and pieces that are more classic/basic so they have a longer lifespan in my closet. Swimwear is no different.

I love seeing really trendy bikinis and one-pieces, however, I tend to design and wear more classic fits and styles. Have you ever seen a classic string bikini go out of style? No! It might slightly vary, on coverage or it’s a bit more high leg, but it still comes from the same string bikini design (if that makes sense)

Here are my 3 top reasons why you should buy classic string bikinis:

1. String Bikinis are the most popular style swimwear in the market. If you invest in a classic basic string bikini I’m pretty sure you are going to use it a lot more than a super trendy bikini that you will end up losing interest in a couple of months.

Lula Top & Thong Bottom

String bikini by unofficial swim

2. Less tan lines. One of the main reasons I love the classic string bikini is because you get fewer tan lines. Having a really strappy bikini just means you will need to deal with annoying tan lines later lol.


3. String bikinis are adjustable which means if you gain or lose a few pounds you can still wear them. 




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